We are conducting an internship program for students and freshers that includes

  • Level 1,2 & 3 (3 months) under practicing Clinical, Organizational, Counselling psychologists
  • Skill enhancement workshops for students and practicing psychologists or counselors

The Element H internship program offers exposure to Clinical and Corporate practice aiming to bridge the gap between theory and practice. This helps the transition from the academia to the actual work place by empowering students with skills expected from a psychologist.

  • Observations of actual practice in clinical and corporate setting
  • Supervision of test administration
  • Training in counseling, training and clinical skills
  • Participation in Presentation, Workshops, Seminar, talks and discussion on psychological issues, theoretical concepts and related case studies and discussions
  • Develop an in depth understanding and
  • Improved knowledge and skills development
  • Emphasis on practical issues
  • Helps to on higher education and/or specializations in the field of psychology.
1 Month Programme :
Features mentioned above + the following
  1. Psychometric assessments: Components and history.
  2. Test administration, scoring and interpretation of tests with regard to IQ, personality, anxiety and depression tools, and scales for children with PDD, ADHD
  3. Report writing and Feedback.
2 Months Programme :
1 month + the following
  1. Orientation and theory of psychometric disorders in adults and children
  2. Interviewing skills – which includes clinical interviews, MSE and the process of history taking
  3. Test administration – determining the need for a test, rapport building, termination of the test.
3 months Programme :
2 months + the following
  1. Understanding and dealing with problems associated with toddlers, preschool , adolescents and school children (including specific learning disorders, psychological and emotional problems)
  2. Dealing with psychological problems associated with all age groups, parental guidance and teaching adolescents how to handle emotions effectively
  3. Corporate counselling – improving cognitive skills, supportive therapy and incorporating behaviour techniques
  4. Relaxation therapy – administration and the process of JPMR
  5. Different schools of thoughts and approaches in Counselling
  6. Qualities and skill required of a counselor/Therapist
  7. Ethical practice
Eligibility : Final year UG & 1st and 2nd Year PG & above students.
Duration : 1 month, 2 months, 3 months
Charges : Rs.5000/month
Separate : 1 month summer and winter programs available for undergraduates.

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Mobile : (+91) – 97890 70151 (or) 98409 82160
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Testimonials For Internship :

Ms. Pavithra,

“Being a part of the Element H team has been such an enriching learning experience. As an intern I had the opportunity to not only observe assessments and sessions with clients, but also work with them. The well structured internship was a perfect combination of interactive theory lessons and sessions at the clinic. Studying about all the different manifestations of mental illnesses initially made me question whether all this could actually happen to someone – and Element H sure did give me the exposure to understand the reality of such uncertainties. Every day at the clinic was different from the other, but I am thankful for the immense amount of knowledge that I took back at the end of each day. It has definitely been an eye opener for, and helped me understand the dire need of more such mental health facilities in and around. I came in as a student, and left as someone thoroughly inspired, with a greater passion for the field of Psychology, and for this, I will be eternally grateful to Keerthi Ma’am, Karthik Sir and Sandhya Ma’am. “