Elementh – H “5th Anniversary” – 15th December 2018
Workshop on “Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Mental Health Professionals and Students”
Workshop on “Corporate training at educational institution”
Workshop on “corporate training”
Workshop on “Mental Health Awareness in Craveyard Cafe”
Workshop on “volunteer services (Srihari Vikasam School)”
Workshop on “Acceptance and Commitment Theraphy” – 08 & 09 – APR -2017
Workshop on “Assessment of Childhood disorders” – FEB-05-2017

Inaugural Prayer

Welcoming the participants

Workshop in progress

Dr. Keerthi Pai

Learning in progress

Case study discussion in progress

Supervision of Interview and feedback

The Learners

CBT Workshop Programme
Orientation for NEO-PI-R-Administration, Scoring Interpretation and Providing Feedback in a Corporate Setting
Workshop on Orientation to Neurobiology Of Mental Illness In MOP
Awareness Program On mental Health