For Individuals

Element H offers comprehensive psychometric assessments and guidance for individuals on professionals and relationship issues, life skills, training, work life balance and premarital counselling.

  • Counselling services for relationship issues and emotional issues for all age groups.
  • Psychometric assessments for geriatric population
  • Psychometric counselling services geriatric population
  • Career guidance services for professionals
  • Workshops on Life skills/ resilience/ stress coping/ substance use etc  for general public
  • Workshops to enhance professional skills for Mental Health students  and professionals
  • Internship for MSc students/psychologists/ counsellors interested in developing professional skills
  • Premarital Counselling for physically challenged people for Tamilnadu Federation of Physically Challenged, Chennai – Ongoing project where psychologists will work with Physically challenged individuals offering counseling services focused on premarital issues
  • Psychological Test Administration which includes assessments in the intellegence, leadership, personality and aptitude areas
  • Awareness and support workshops-psychological concepts like stress, life skills, work life balance, relationship management etc.